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Ask Cloudsdale Fillies

Got our heads up in the clouds!

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((This is a SFW blog that is drawn traditionally, not digitally.))
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Sep 12 '14


So here’s a really old Cloudsdale fillies post I made months ago (with an ask from ask-the-fillyfriends) that was only up for maybe a few minutes or so

Honestly I don’t even remember why I deleted it but I know I had some reason. probably just didn’t like how it turned out or something

Sooooo yeah have that because why the heck not

((Psssst, still alive, mod’s just busy juggling both high school and a part-time job which takes up a lot of time))

((In the meantime, have this once-scrapped update from months ago!))

Jul 17 '14

Momma took me to the eye doctor for reading glasses. Rainbow thinks they look dorky and lame, but I’m kind of used to hearing that from her..

Jul 7 '14

So uh, I should probably clean that stuff before Fluttershy gets back.

Yup. That’s a good idea.

May 27 '14

"And then there are ponies that say they can’t see my legs! Jeez, it’s so weird."

Mar 24 '14

"Was it something we said?" -Shy

Feb 14 '14

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, from Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy!

((Have these not-really-cards but kinda-sorta-cards for Valentines Day! Hope you all have a wonderful day you lovelies, and stay beautiful <3))

Jan 26 '14


Jan 15 '14

"Wait, I think we messed something up…" -Dash

Dec 31 '13

"Only if I didn’t have to eat ponies or animals though… oh gosh…”

Dec 21 '13